Will B. Guilty Rags started out as more of a hobby back in 2006 when we were using a heat press machine to create mostly humorous shirts or shirts with quotes and lines of poetry on them.   In 2010 we decide to buckle down and focus more on our brand name to give you what you see today.

We still have some humorous shirts but there are a lot more Will B. Guilty Rags shirts and we upgraded to a silkscreen printer to put our graphics on higher quality clothing.  Quality matters to us and we know it matters to you too.  Not only are our shirts better quality but silkscreen printing allows us to create graphics with higher detail and that means an even more badass shirt for you!

Our goal is to connect with you by creating clothing that you're proud to be seen wearing, no matter where you go.  So if going nude isn't an option and you need some new clothing, consider Will B. Guilty Rags and take a look around out site to see what we have to offer.  

Will B. Guinter  
About Will B. Guilty Rags

Will B. Guinter
[Owner & Designer]

Will B. Guinter rose from Phoenix, Arizona in 1982 and landed in the Northeast to bring you Will B. Guilty Rags.

"We all sin.
So, in a sense our innocence will be overturned someday...
...and we Will B. Guilty of something.
The next time you're guilty, will you be wearing my rags?"


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